Friday, August 10, 2007

How do we get proper judges?

How do we get proper judges?


James Bredin

We have judges who seem to block out every little detail,
Very few criminals go to jail and most end up getting bail,
The system has gone soft as a swamp and no one knows why,
Released prisoners, peace bonds, bail as more policemen die.

Soft-on-crime all the time and legal-aid lawyers think it’s great,
They just love the status quo so there is no need for debate,
The accused has Charter Rights and needs to be protected,
And please, left wing politicians just need to be reelected.

But politically correct politicians tend to entrench,
And appoint friends and fellow travelers to the judicial bench,
The soft left-wing tolerance has taken over our affairs,
And the general attitude seems to be, who cares?

History is full of examples of people being led astray,
By politicians and officials who want things their own way,
Patriotism, nationalism, religion, from these jerks,
A mixture of heaven, hell, pride pumped out as media perks.

We should study now, how to change their far out left-wing scheme,
With referendums and recall and get rid of this team,
And realize that though the criminals may be mostly at fault,
But our soft left-wing judicial system makes it worse by default.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

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