Monday, August 20, 2007

Illegal Canadian terrorist refugee

Illegal Canadian Terrorist refugee


James Bredin

The poor refugee terrorist might be abused over there,
Our sanctimonious appointees always seem to care,
Not about Canadians who might be robbed and killed here,
But the international Charter of Rights for terrorists, I fear.

That and goody-two-shoe politicians with a hidden agenda,
Decisions delayed while we are forbidden referenda,
This allows the terrorists permission to wait and stop and stay,
Increase any criminal record and never go away.

These criminal terrorists in Canada seem to have it made,
They don’t get deported back to where they came from, I’m afraid,
They each get a pre removal risk assessment for threats to their life,
Maybe they get to stay on welfare without any strife.

That plus the twenty layers of appeals added to our apathy,
Years and schemes and dreams and legal-aid lawyers working happily,
As we the people complacently stand about and wonder why,
Complacent as slaughter house sheep as though nothing was awry.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

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