Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our Politicians and Polygamy

Our Politicians and Polygamy


James Bredin

Polygamy they say is coming to a place near you,
Our left-wing politicians really thought this through and through,
It might get them more votes but then again, it might not,
Tiptoe past Trudeau’s Charter that they had almost forgot.

You could get five years in jail for polygamy right now,
Too many polygamists though, so there would be quite a row,
Forget religion and the Criminal Code and soft-on-crime guys,
Let’s sit back and see if Ottawa will ever give us a surprise.

Because our Mormons in Bountiful B.C. seem to know,
That Trudeau’s Charter of Rights on religion always said so.
But there’s an added hidden thing here called Sharia Law,
Polygamy is also Muslim law and they won’t change or withdraw.

In order to allow polygamy, our apathy should go,
Ottawa will have to make a decision and that’s tough, I know,
Polygamy, prostitution, marijuana in but controlled,
But we can’t even deport our foreign war-crime guys, I’m told,

Monday, August 13, 2007

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