Monday, August 6, 2007

War-crime guys and terrorists

War-crime guys and terrorists


James Bredin

Foreign war-crime guys and terrorists like Canada for some reason,
Maybe they know the soft-on-crime system is always in season,
Can’t be deported if they claim their UN refugee status,
They seem aware and familiar with this legal apparatus.

Legal-aid lawyers and lecturers line up to defend this crowd,
Only politically correct immigration officials allowed,
It could take years or decades without a firm decision,
Some wait more than twenty years and grow old with no derision.

Refugee shoppers of the world meet in Canadian courts,
They heard of our soft-on-crime system and no-deportee reports,
Deportation is out because they claim they might be killed,
Therefore the complete Canadian system comes to a standstill.

Majority of arrested terrorists too, walked free from the can,
Charges stayed against most suspects plus publication ban,
Political input denied as the left wing peace bonds were signed,
Why are we not happy that they are free again one more time?

Should taxpayer funded courts have these publication bans?
Should legal aid lawyers all love this system to a man?
If you knew what was going on, would you want to ask a question?
Could you talk about repression or even make a suggestion?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

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